Steve Horner

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I’m Steve Horner. I’ve been connecting brands with people online for the past nine years.

Starting off in New Zealand, I did a stint in Germany, and now call London home. Here I’m pushing to make the work better as Creative Director at +rehabstudio.

Past clients include Expedia, Google, HBO, Toyota, Red Bull, and Vodafone. Along the way I’ve learnt a lot, made some talented friends, won a couple of awards, and created a few good things.

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Städel Museum

Touchscreen Installation

The Städel Museum’s art collection comprises some 3,300 works spanning 700 years of European art history. We created a conversational interface for visitors to expereince the collection in a new context.

Up to six users can interact simultaneously on the 3.5 x 1.5 metres surface, the largest installation of it’s kind in any German Museum.




Städel Museum


Steven Sasseville , Wolfgang Kraus , Michael Hauschild , David Neu


User Experience , Design , Rapid Prototyping