I'm a digital product leader who enjoys applying thoughtful design to unlock the massive potential of technology to make life and business better.

Today I'm privileged to lead an amazing team helping bold clients do just that as Chief Product Officer at RUSH in Auckland, Aotearoa. 🇳🇿

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I'm also a:

💍   Husband and father

🚲   Novice road cyclist

🎧   Deep house & techno music lover

🥑   Vegetarian for our planet and my health

✈️   Past resident of Wellington, Tauranga, Frankfurt & London

What I love doing.

I work to build world-class digital product organisations by turning the engine of growth in four key areas:

  1. Having the best people • Attracting the most talented human beings • Growing them to realize their full potential

  2. Developing the best approach • Bringing diverse talents together • Continuously improving how we work

  3. Delivering the best products • Pairing bold vision with strong execution • Optimising for maximum impact

  4. Working with the best customers •  Attracting bold clients that need our help • Seeking out big hairy problems to solve

I seek to do all the above with empathy, energy and focus. A sense of humour definitely comes in handy too. 🙂


Selected works.

Building great digital products is a team sport.

Here's some I've had the privilege to collaborate on with talented product managers, designers, engineers, testers, colleagues, clients and friends.



Equipping New Zealand's team of five million with technology to accelerate contact tracing and help eliminate COVID-19.

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Starship Hospital Emergency Reception

Giving children and their whānau a reason to smile while they wait to be seen at Starship Hospital.

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Z Energy Fastlane

Combining computer vision with mobile payment into a frictionless experience for customers to pull in, fuel up and go.

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Helping fitness startup founders discover, design, prototype and validate their product vision to raise £2.4m seed funding.

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Building up the design capability at EROAD to elevate the user experience for their next generation of digital products.

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Städel Museum Touch Table

Reframing the experience of the Old Masters' art by asking visitors provocative questions to see them in a new light.

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Google × Topman Personal Shopping

Taking Topman’s Personal Shopping experience from London to customers all over the UK on Google Hangouts.

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Sook Spaces

Going fast with founders to realize the user experience and technology to create the most adaptive retail spaces on earth.

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Accelerating a spin-out creating beautiful cloud software for facility managers to streamline their maintenance and repairs.

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Visual Harmony

My passion project, a data viz tool to help amateur DJ's see the relationships between their tracks to plan a stunning setlist.

Coming soon

Past clients

Brands and organisations I've collaborated with to envision and ship better digital experiences to their users.

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